Akron Community Learning Centers


Communities and schools are strongly linked — one seldom succeeds if the other fails. Schools need families and communities that are involved in the education of students; communities need schools that serve as centers of neighborhood life.

Community Learning Centers (CLC) are created to transform Akron Public Schools in an accessible and flexible space. Auditorium, gymnasiums, classrooms and amenities could be used for everyone in the community.

The CLC program is part of an aggressive, 15-year plan to remodel or rebuild Akron Public Schools. With joint funding from the state and local community, more than $800 million is available for this program, making it the largest construction opportunity in the history of Akron. 

CLCs benefit everyone:

  • Students get the best education possible through state-of-the-art facilities and classroom technology.
  • Taxpayers get the best value for their dollars.
  • During regular school hours, CLCs serve as the modern school facilities Akron kids and teachers need.
  • After school, on weekends and during the summer, many can be used for recreation, adult education, after-school and summer school programs, and a wide variety of community activities.


Garfield Cluster

Specialty Cluster